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BCCI Seeks New Coach Will Rahul Dravid Reapply

People are talking a lot about the changes happening in the Indian cricket organization, BCCI. They are wondering if Rahul Dravid, also called ‘The Wall’, will apply again to be the main coach of the Indian team. The BCCI is getting ready to look for a new coach, and everyone is curious if Dravid will keep helping the team with his skills and knowledge.

Everyone’s talking about who will be the next head coach of the Indian cricket team because Rahul Dravid’s time as coach might end in June 2024. Now that the World Cup is over, the Indian team wants to prepare for future matches, and choosing the right head coach is very important. Rahul Dravid became the head coach after the 2021 T20 World Cup and has done a great job. He has helped young players grow and added new ideas to how the team plays. India did well during his time, including winning against Australia and playing well in the World Cup.

The BCCI is getting ready to look for a new head coach, and they said Rahul Dravid can try for the job again. This news has made a lot of people talk about what will happen next in Indian cricket.

People really like the way Dravid coaches because he focuses on keeping players fit, mentally strong, and making sure the team is well-rounded. He’s helped the team have good backup players, which was really helpful when India had to play different kinds of cricket games at the same time during the pandemic.

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The BCCI is not just following rules by asking for new head coach applications; they are also making a smart plan to pick the best person for the team’s future. If Rahul Dravid decides to apply again, it will make things more exciting because he has done a great job before.

Everyone who loves cricket is paying close attention to what’s happening. The choice of the head coach will really matter for Indian cricket’s future. Dravid is known for being calm and smart, which has made him a respected figure among players and cricket fans.

Everyone is waiting to hear from the BCCI about the head coach job. People are guessing if Rahul Dravid will want the job again. If he does, it’s not sure if the BCCI will think he’s still the best choice. Maybe there will be someone new coaching the Indian cricket team, which is known for being exciting and loved by many.

We’ll find out the answers soon, but no matter what happens, everyone will always remember what Rahul Dravid has done for Indian cricket.

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