Matthew Hayden, Matthew Hayden and MS Dhoni, Australian Cricket Team


Matthew Hayden Believes MS Dhoni Can Lead Australian Cricket Team with Ease

Matthew Hayden, MS Dhoni

Former Australian cricketer Matthew Hayden has recently expressed his belief that MS Dhoni, the legendary Indian cricketer, possesses the leadership qualities to easily captain the Australian cricket team. Matthew Hayden, who played under Dhoni for Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League (IPL), highlighted Dhoni’s humility, selflessness, and team-first approach as key attributes that make him an ideal leader.

In a recent interview, Matthew Hayden praised MS Dhoni’s ability to put the team’s interests ahead of his own. He mentioned that Dhoni’s leadership style is not about self-promotion or ego, but about working hard for the team.

“Dhoni is exactly what I was saying before. He can easily sit in an Australian dressing room and easily captain that dressing room because he believes that he is not bigger than anyone else,” Hayden said.

Matthew Hayden, Matthew Hayden and MS Dhoni, Australian Cricket Team
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Hayden further elaborated on Dhoni’s X-factor, which lies in his ability to galvanize people together without seeking the limelight. “He’ll collect bags, he’ll throw cricket balls. He’s a very humble individual. And he works hard at the team and is not about promoting MS Dhoni. You’ll never hear him telling people how great he is or what he’s achieved. That is MS Dhoni’s X-factor,” Hayden added.

MS Dhoni, widely regarded as one of the greatest captains in cricket history, has led India to numerous victories, including three ICC titles: the World T20 in 2007, the ODI World Cup in 2011, and the Champions Trophy in 2013. His success as a captain is not limited to international cricket; he has also led Chennai Super Kings to five IPL titles, further cementing his legacy as a remarkable leader.

Matthew Hayden’s admiration for MS Dhoni’s leadership qualities is not surprising, given their time together at Chennai Super Kings. Hayden believes that Dhoni’s selfless attitude and ability to inspire his teammates make him a perfect fit for the Australian cricket team. “You look at Australia and go ‘25 million people. How did they win the World Cup against us?’ MS Dhoni… he just finds a way to galvanize people together and he does it in a way that is nothing about ego, not about self-promotion,” Hayden remarked.


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