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Between Qualifier 1 KKR vs SRH Commentry Suresh Raina Said “Suresh Raina Hoon, Shahid Afridi Nahi”

KKR vs SRH, Shahid Afridi, Suresh Raina

During the important IPL Qualifier 1 match between KKR and SRH, former Indian cricketer Suresh Raina made a funny comment that had everyone in the commentary box laughing. As the commentators talked about the exciting match and the lively atmosphere at the Narendra Modi Stadium, Suresh Raina said he loved the venue and wished he could have played there. This led to a playful exchange with fellow commentator Aakash Chopra, who jokingly suggested Raina should come out of retirement. Raina quickly replied, “Nahi, Nahi, Suresh Raina hoon, Shahid Afridi nahi,” referring to the Pakistani cricketer known for retiring and then making comebacks multiple times.

The match itself was very exciting, with KKR’s fast bowlers causing problems for SRH early on. SRH had decided to bat first but struggled to gain momentum, with Mitchell Starc and Vaibhav Arora taking advantage of the conditions.

Raina’s funny comment was a reminder of the joy and surprises that cricket brings, not just through the game but also through the personalities involved. As the match continued, the focus returned to the intense competition, but Raina’s joke was a memorable highlight for fans and commentators.

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